My Faith Turned to Foolishness

dallas cowboy dissapointmentWhat the heck was I thinking?  The Dallas Cowboy team who could really step it up and win at crunch time is long gone.  That isn’t a characteristic they have anymore and I am not sure when it is going to change.  We have won only one playoff game since the 1996 season, not to mention so many failed attempts to get into the playoffs during those last couple of weeks in December.  In fact, there has really only been one good December/January since the ’96 season.  It was in 2009 and that still ended in a terrible loss to the Vikings in the divisional round.  This disturbing trend began before the likes of Tony Romo and Jason Garrett or Wade Phillips, so it can’t be all on them.  The whole thing is really hard to put a finger on.  Maybe that is why I had faith and thought this year would be different.  As I said, just foolishness on my part.

ashamed cowboy fanAnother season gone for the Cowboys and all of us fans.  I am sure that most people who are not Cowboy fans find it very difficult to think of the Dallas Cowboys as one of the elite NFL teams anymore.  In the last 15 years guess what the Cowboys record is (including playoff games), ………. 133 wins and 133 losses.  They are a 500 team definitely not an elite team in the NFL.  My Daughter is 16, she has never seen the Cowboys do well.  She has not ever seen me have a chance to really celebrate, all she has ever seen me do at the end of the year (and usually before the playoffs) is hang my head and talk about what could have been.  I live on memories of the past.  I am lucky to be 47 because that means I am old enough to have seen some incredible Cowboy teams and some incredible seasons!

There was only one positive this year.  The Eagles and Redskins sucked too (hahahaha!!), but now the season is over leaving us all disappointed again.  Well, there’s always next year, … I think it will be different.  I am sure the Cowboys will really step it up and be a real contender then.  Uh oh, here I go again!